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Total Terrains is your all-in-one landscaper for all of your residential needs. We specialize in regular landscape maintenance, irrigation management, palm trimming, and much more. Give us a call below for a free estimate.

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Our team of landscaping experts have the knowledge and skills to tackle most jobs you would come across around the house. Our team is experienced in dealing with the Las Vegas environment and we can help with things like landscape design, construction, installation, lawn maintenance, irrigation, and much more.

Example of Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance

Keeping up with landscape maintenance can turn your yard from a source of enjoyment to one of stress and hardship. Our team will come by on a regular schedule to take the hard work out of your yard and let you get back to enjoying it. We take care of all regular maintenance and keep an eye out for any issues that might arise.

Example of Landscape Irrigation


Having good irrigation is vital to keeping your landscaping lush and healthy. Especially in the Las Vegas summers, ensuring that water is in the right place at the right time makes all the difference. Let our experts setup an efficient and durable irrigation system to keep your landscaping looking great!

Example of Palm Trimming

Palm Trimming

Here in Las Vegas, palm trees are an iconic symbol and visible almost anywhere in the valley. While these trees add beauty and much needed shade, keeping them health and looking good can be a hassle. Our experts will take care of all the work and get your palm tree back to that classic Vegas look in no time!

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We pride ourselves on delivering great customer service and taking the work out of your yard so you can get back to enjoying it! We would love a chance to discuss your landscaping needs and provide you with a free estimate.